1. the process of making plans for something

  2. decide on and arrange in advance

  3. design or make a plan of (something to be made or built)

Master Planning.

Cornerstone has worked with various organizations who look to incorporate long-term goals over the course of the following 5 years, 10 years, or even longer.  We work to assemble a team of consultants who can provide input from their respective fields and assist in developing a cohesive master plan.  Cornerstone and the whole master planning team will coordinate efforts to involve your key stakeholders, individual departments, facility assessments, utilization assessments and sustainable principals for efficiencies.

Our team will review specifics regarding your existing site and circulation, parking and landscaping, storm water management and utilities, and other information.  If new spaces or buildings are needed, we will take a look into future needs, expansion capabilities, population trends, community needs and service delivery will also take place.  If current buildings are to be utilized, existing building will be assessed for current conditions regarding the state of the building envelope, internal infrastructure, flexibility, life cycle costs, stainability, technology and other infrastructure needs.  Existing floor plans will be evaluated for utilization, adjacencies, appearances, maintenance challenges and suggested improvements with life cycle cost benefits.

At the end of the master plan, you will have a comprehensive report to keep and reference over the course of your expansion and renovation efforts that identifies the sites, facilities, positive aspects, deficiencies, and utilization efficiencies.